Singing Senator Larry Craig’s Fallback

SING OUT! (From left) Ashcroft, Lott, Jeffords, Craig, with friend
If his gig as a married senator recently arrested and charged with propositioning an undercover cop for sex in a men’s bathroom doesn’t work out, Larry Craig can put his golden throat to another use.

Some members of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington think it would be simply divine for Craig to join their esteemed troupe.

As the lead vocalist with the barbershop quartet The Singing Senators since 1995 (along with former Attorney General John Ashcroft and Sens. Trent Lott and Jim Jeffords), Craig once teamed up with The Oakridge Boys to cut a track and went on to record a 10-song patriotic-filled CD Let Freedom Sing in Nashville.

“If he could pass the audition, we’d take him,” Paul Pompeo, a tenor with the chorus who sits on its board, tells Radar. “We’ve done an all-male version of the Wizard of Oz. We’ve done cabarets. We do all sorts of styles that he might like to try.”

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