Newscaster Theater: The Craig Bust

Foot work: “Not gay” Idaho Senator Larry Craig‘s now infamous trip to the bathroom likely looked something like this (note: nice shoes, weather dude).

In search of cred: Don’t think Katie Couric is a serious journalist? Maybe her upcoming trip to Iraq and Syria will convince you.

Confused protest: In what might have been the last Rolling Stones concert ever, stringy guitarist Keith Richards flouted the smoking ban by eating a cigarette, unaware that the ban was actually against smoking them.

Good call: Owen Wilson loses his first role post-suicide attempt as he pulls out of Ben Stiller‘s likely-to-suck Tropic Thunder.

Well-intentioned: The father of Amy Winehouse‘s Pete Doherty-knock-off husband calls for a boycott on her records to force her to do something about her drug addition.

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