Angling for Lance Bass


It was nearly all gay semi-stalkers and overstuffed tartlets at Lance Bass‘s book party at Midtown East lounge Azza on Tuesday evening, but finding a bona fide fan of the *NSync-er still proved a difficult task. Most claimed to be there as a “plus-one” looking for free booze—kind of like when *NSync’s eponymous first album went diamond but no one would actually fess up to owning it.

“So, are you a Lance fan?” Radar asked one party-goer. “Not hugely,” came the response. “I work for Us Weekly, and my friend invited me. We cover him sometimes.”

Another man had a similar response. “My wife works for 20/20. They just did a story on Lance, and it was really good. It aired on Friday … it was really good. But I don’t know Lance’s work all that well.”

[More pics after the jump!]

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