Brooklyn Broads Keeping Fingers, Legs Crossed For Obama Victory


Jezebel reports on some artsy, politically minded womenfolk from Brooklyn, New York, who, in a show of support for Barack Obama, have chosen to update an “iconic 1960s anti-war poster featuring Joan Baez that said ‘Girls say yes to boys who say no.’ The new (pro-Obama) poster reads ‘Girls say yes to men who say Obama.'”

Controversy has ensued! Salon‘s Rebecca Traister, who spends more time being offended by 8 a.m. than you do all day, is offended! She says that “the idea of any kind of political action being taken to impress the opposite sex—or that guys would only vote a certain way if a woman promised sex at the end (that’s also totally the only way you get them to pay for dinner, incidentally)—sort of makes me want to drown myself.”

We can sort of see her point. One shudders to imagine how she might have reacted to the group’s original call to action:

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