L.A. To Get New Billionaire Spawn


Richard Branson‘s son Sam is determined to let you know he’s neither a himbo or a bimbro, thank you very much. The odds are, of course, stacked against him. There’s the year-round tan, baby-blonde hair, and the fact that he’s into air guitar and moving to L.A. to turn just such ill-advised musical yearnings into reality. Plus his nickname is “Monkey Man.”

In an interview in December’s Tatler, the 22-year-old Branson talks about his rock ambitions, his move to the States, and helping dad to save the planet, but in the process, his boyish good looks so distract the interviewer that she gushes: “He looks like a Prince Charming out of a fairytale, all twinkly blue eyes and perfect teeth … I’m surprised there aren’t birds singing and small furry animals at his feet.”

Take that along with the fact that he’s the heir to a £3.1 billion, and we’re guessing that the ladies at Hyde, Opera, and Koi will be flashing their hoo-has at him in a Hollywood second. Stay tuned to the tabs for the sure-to-come catfights when these ladies realize he’s dating the ultra-posh Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

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