L.Lo and J.Lo Neck and Neck


Radar obsessively tracks the boldface names in the country’s top gossip columns—Rush & Molloy, Cindy Adams, Page Six, Liz Smith, Gatecrasher, and MSNBC’s The Scoop …

Lindsay Lohan: Three mentions (Rush & Molloy, Page Six, The Scoop). She’s drunk, she’s sober; she’s blonde, she’s brunette; she’s with James Blunt, she’s with Jude Law. The gossip mongers who stalk Lohan can’t seem to agree.

Jennifer Lopez: Three mentions (The Scoop, Gatecrasher, Liz Smith). Even though she won’t be in Dallas, J.Lo will be in New York City tonight to launch the Times Square performance venue Spotlight Live (and to shill for her new album Como Ama Una Mujer).

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