Like The Hills but Gayer, More Stylish

DREAMER Laliberte(Photo: Chance Yeh/

Missing The Hills? Desperate for a fix of breathless 20-something drama? Get ready for Frenemies, a docu-drama filming this summer starring New York power-gays Kristian Laliberte and Paul Johnson-Calderone as they try to scale the heights of international fashion.

Really, in Hills-speak, what are we talking? Laliberte tells Radar he sees himself in the Whitney role. “That girl has pluck and ambition and knows what she wants. I certainly am not Heidi—I am not ready to get married, especially not as a publicity stunt to an unemployed alcoholic.” However, Laliberte views the show as more of A Simple Life meets Gossip Girl. “Paul is very ‘Nicole Richie bohemian couture.’ I feel more like Paris in that I always try to be in bed by 3 a.m.”

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