Fab Summer in the The 10021 House

KRISTIAN HOME 10021 house

Diligent readers of Page Six magazine may recall that New York-based social gay Kristian Laliberte, diamond heiress and undernourished humanitarian Annabel Vartanian, and Social Life editor Devorah Rose will be featured on the upcoming reality show The 10021, presumably some weird amalgamation of The Hills and Gossip Girl.

To that end, our three protagonists will be securing footage out in Southampton this summer on the 10-acre Social Life magazine estate, pictured above and after the jump. We’re told by a source involved with the show that the property is “located in one of the most coveted Hampton enclaves,” that it’s worth “well over $8 million,” and that the cast “will be having weekend parties—nothing cheesy.” Well, two out of three ain’t bad!

But seriously guys, for $8 million, couldn’t you have found something a little closer to the water?

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