Project Runway: Reality TV, Sweatshop Conditions

ARBEIT MACHT FREI Klum(Photo: Getty Images)

You’ll be glad to hear that they really do cut, sew, sweat, and bleed fashion on Bravo’s beloved Project Runway. “It’s pretty hard,” says uber-strudel/show hostess Heidi Klum. And according to the fetching Seal-bait, it’s made a bunch of whiny crybabies of her latest crop of budding garmentos.

“The first three episodes were a little bit of complaining and being a little bit overwhelmed and overtired,” said The Body at a Runway promotional event in Lincoln Center last week. “Some actually were saying, ‘I can’t believe that this is really how it goes. We’ve watched it on television—we thought that this was cheated or it was cut a certain way. But we really have to make this outfit in one day!'” Clearly, this is a bastardized form of child-labor.

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