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Will Seacrest Be Crowned New King?

KING: OUT? Seacrest, King

Idol chatter: Larry King talks retirement and sees Ryan Seacrest as his replacement. But what does America think?

Willis promise dies hard: Given the choice to Live Free or Die Hard, we’re guessing Bruce Willis, who swore (twice) not to fight terrorists again, is going with the former.

Shaved from the headlines: The lazy writers over at CSI:Miami write a Britney-esque character into a new episode, head shaving and all.

Shot down: After NRA panderer Mitt Romney refers to himself as a lifelong hunter, aides out him as having actually only hunted twice—and once he was hunting for wives.

War crime: Doctors at a VA hospital mistakenly remove a 47-year-old Air Force vet’s right testicle when it was the left one that had to go.

Photo: Getty Images