Kimora Lee Simmons: Reality Faker

REAL TALK Simmons actual house

Reality TV just gets more phony by the minute. In a recent installment of Life in the Fab Lane, former model-turned-trophy wife-turned-fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons appears to pony up $15 million for a gigantic mansion with a glittering view high in the Hollywood Hills. Don’t buy it.

The blinged-out bi-racial babe did not buy the house on the show. And a little research of public property records reveals that the newly single mother of two actually paid far less for the house she actually bought than her vanity show would would have you believe.

In reality, Simmons paid $5.9 million for a 5,923-square-foot Tudor style house in the Beverly Hills Post Office with seven bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, and no view to speak of. In a delightful twist of irony, her new next door neighbor is none other than former reality star Jessica Simpson. Note to Kimora: Check your rear view. You’re struggling star power is causing congestion in the Fab lane.

Click here for a full tour!

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