Ex Source Editor Kimberly Osorio’s Tell-All Opens Old Wounds

HIP-HOP YOU DON’T STOP Osorio’s latest

When Kimberly Osorio was ousted as editor in chief of the Source hip-hop magazine in 2005, it was the beginning of a long and amusing series of lawsuits and tabloid mudslinging. In the end, Osorio walked away with $8 million for having been defamed (by allegations that she’d had numerous sexual encounters with rappers she covered) and wrongly terminated (for having complained of a hostile, sexually aggressive work environment.) But more important was the promise that the matter was not fully settled between her and Source boss Raymond “Benzino” Scott: “I haven’t had the chance to seal everything up and think of my next move, but there’s a possibility of a book,” Osorio later told the Daily News. And judging from an excerpt just posted on publisher Simon and Schuster’s website, that book is primed to re-ignite one of hip-hop’s greatest behind-the-scenes feuds.

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