Kim Kardashian’s Ass Supports Burma Refugees

Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney are the latest celebs to stake a claim in the third world in the spirit of budding humanitarianism (they’re also effectively one-upping Paris Hilton‘s recent plan to visit Rwanda). Kim has claimed Burma/Myanmar, along with a dozen or so other celebs who’ve shot videos for the U.S. Campaign for Burma. As you’ve probably heard, the plan is to feature 30 or so videos by as many stars in as many days to call attention to the little known crisis in Burma. Admitting that we’re far from the first to utter this proclamation: Kim’s piece is something altogether extraordinary. Watch above as vanity and empathy collide in that rarefied space where human rights, opportunism, and a gravity-defying badonk-a-donk overlap.

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