Kim Cattrall: “Stop Asking Me About SJP, We’re Fine, Goddamn It!”

PAID PAL Cattrall (Photo: Getty Images)

Sex and the City saturation coverage is continuing apace, some will be glad to hear. And with the the film’s box office success castrating any arguments of why the movie was needed, many still wonder what it was that caused more than four years to pass before bringing the long-defunct series to the faded highlights of its rabid fans. Steppin’ Out‘s Chaunce Hayden cornered well-worn libidinal Kim Cattrall for next week’s issue, in hopes of drawing out some answers of the rumored rift between the actress and the show’s headliner, Sarah Jessica Parker. And by her tone, she just may be ready to break, whether those rumors are true or, as she insists, they are not.

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