K-Fed Hype Update: Even the Kid's In On It

PR PARENTS Brit, Kev, old baby

This thing goes deeper than even we thought. There’s a sudden growing mystery, MSNBC Jeannette Walls reports, behind not only the name of Britney and Kevin’s second child (Sutton Pierce? Jayden James? J.J.?), but the sex as well. This is the child of PR, you’ll remember, whose birth date may or may not have been fudged to avoid a 9/11 delivery.

Buried at the bottom of the piece is the key to unlocking why the details of her second baby are suddenly in the news again (even out pacing Angelina Jolie’s attempt at a headline grab with a third, tired collapse on an Indian set). Neither K-Fed nor Brit-Brit have confirmed or denied the sex or name of their second.

Walls writes:

One source compares it to the recent Suri Cruise mystery and says that the baby’s identity will be released in a PR blitz. Says the source: “I’m hearing that they’ll release pics closer to the release date of Kevin’s new CD [Oct. 31].”

K-Fed Makeover Is Inspired By S.o.a.P.

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