Kelly Cutrone Explains It All, Or At Least The Hills

PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESSES Lauren, Whitney, Kelly Cutrone (inset)

In a interview today, People’s Revolution chief and Whitney Port‘s boss Kelly Cutrone accomplishes what the New Yorker and the the New York Times have thus far been unable to do: Offer an intelligent explanation as to why people watch The Hills.

Talking about her inability to keep her six-year-old daughter off the Disney princess crap, Cutrone says the Hills are the next progression after princesses, Miley Cyrus, and High School Musical. “Their next installation is, guess what, The Hills. And they’re just old enough to start watching MTV, they’re hormonally in place, and they see these four young, beautiful girls who really in my mind are a continuation of a Disney princess, because they live in a world that most people will never live in.”

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