Katie, Tom, Mutant Veggies, and Genocide

LOVE, HONOR, OBEY Holmes & Cruise

White wedding: Us Weekly reports that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have finally set a date for their big day. Guests have been asked to keep November 16-19 clear—no Scientology joke intended—for a private ceremony in Italy.

Also quite odd…: Tomatoes developed by researchers at Oregon State University to be dark purple.

Yet more reason to hate the French: Officials in Rwanda have begun public hearings on France’s role in the Rwandan genocide. “France conducted a denigration and demonisation campaign against the RPF [Rwandan Patriotic Front] and its leaders,” says Jacques Bihozagara, a former official of the group. “France has not expressed regret.”

Not a tool: One reporter bravely refuses to interview Sacha Baron Cohen in his Borat Sagdiyev character. “Interviewing an actor in character has as much relationship to real reporting as the Oakland Raiders do to a good football team,” writes The Reeler’s Lewis Beale. “It’s blatantly crawling up the ass of the studio and giving it a big rimjob.”

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