If Wishes Were Horses and Online Hits Were TV Ratings, Things Would Be Peachy For Katie Right Now

GIRLTALK! Couric, Palin (inset) (Photo: Getty Images)

Katie Couric‘s sit-downs with Sarah Palin might not have done much for CBS Evening News ratings, or Palin’s campaign cred, but they did wonders for Couric’s online popularity (and our own cruel, cruel amusement). Couric’s show may still be in third place, behind ABC and NBC’s newsers, but she’s on top of the Fame-O-Meter, and really isn’t that all that matters? You see, the Fame-O-Meter knows no glass ceiling, nor cement ceiling. It knows only this: nothing brings people to cbsnews.com like Sarah Palin flailing for her “culture of life” life while Couric smiles sadistically and repeats the question. Ladies, it’s been fun, or at least it was at first, and then it just got too ridiculous and uncomfortable to be pleasurable. Thanks for the memories.

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