Thou Shalt Not Worship Fat Idols

Kate (Photo: British Museum)

The British Museum has announced plans to unveil a solid gold Kate Moss statue called Siren. Created by artist Marc Quinn (whose previous works include a bronze sculpture of Kate doing Yoga, and Self, a bust of his head created using eight pints of his own frozen blood), the 50kg homage promises to be “the largest gold statue built since ancient Egypt,” and, according to the artist, it will immortalize Moss as the “ideal beauty of the moment.” In your beautiful face, Deyn!

Siren, valued at around 1.5 million pounds, will be housed in the museum’s halls of ancient Greek sculpture. Finally. A place for TopShop lovers and disillusioned Babyshambles fans to commune with their troubled idol (all while enjoying other old and boring treasures painstakingly pillaged from their home countries, of course.)

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