The Time to Get High Is Nigh

I’M ENGAGED OR SOMETHING! Moss (Photo: Getty Images)

Love is the drug: Kate Moss has announced her plans to wed Jamie Hince, guitarist for The Kills. The big announcement came after Kate emerged giggling and tipsy from a café in Amsterdam, though, so Pete Doherty shouldn’t write a sad song just yet.

To err is human: Hillary Clinton has admitted she made a mistake with the magical realism version of a trip to Bosnia. “So I made a mistake. That happens,” Hill sassed. “It proves I’m human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation.”

Pack mentality: The paps are allegedly over chasing Britney and moving on to fresh meat Miley Cyrus. The South Park boys so called this one.

YES, THERE’S MORE: Chelsea Clinton’s beeswax; Obama’s newest relative; and circus bondage!

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