Kate Moss: Bronze Goddess

COME ON, VOGUE Moss sculpture

Downward facing dog: Kate Moss is now on display in a series of sculptures depicting her in various contorted yoga positions—which look more like they were ripped out of a copy of the Kama Sutra—in Times Square.

Jeremy does D.C.: Not only did Ron Jeremy likely play doubles “stick ball” with former CIA director George Tenet at P.S. 94, the porn industry’s “Hedgehog” is the hotness on the D.C. club scene.

Conservitube: Two former Republican White House aides launched QubeTV, a right winger’s alternative to YouTube—which they claim has a liberal bias.

Death becomes her: A Louisiana State University freshman was arrested after threatening to kill presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton—even though a friend warned that an attack “would make her even more popular.”

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