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Kate Bosworth Never Anorexic, Just Stressed, Right?


In the February issue of Vogue, cover girl Kate Bosworth chats about her bony-backed, way-too-skinny days, but stops before calling it anorexia. It’s true, she says, that at one point she dropped up to a dozen pounds, but that was because she was stressed out over an illness in the family. “Whenever anything happens that’s very painful or stressful, we all lose weight—my mother, my aunt, my grandmother.” Agents of skinny Vogue calls Bosworth “an intelligent and sensitive young woman [who was] suddenly caught in the outlandish narratives of anorexia and the perils of having a body in Hollywood.” Whatever that means.

Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan have both copped to eating disorders, but other suspects refuse to come clean. “Grief” and “stress” are de rigueur excuses for many, with nary a mention of the influence of friends Ana and ‘Limia. Only the truly disoriented have ever mumbled the classic “not loaded on a lethal mix of Vicodin, coke, and Grey Goose; just exhausted.”

What, then, are the some of our girls’ favorite, dare we say, thin excuses?