Karl Rove’s Hillary Love Actually an Obama Endorsement


Karl Rove wants a Republican in the White House. Karl Rove tells GQ he likes Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. “She’s actually tried to work with Republicans over the years. [Obama] has not since he got there. He’s been coolly detached and sitting on the side,” he says in the new issue. So logically speaking, Karl Rove is telling Democrats to vote Obama. Or is he? Damn you, Karl Rove! You’re still toying with our emotions! (Do that rap thing again, c’mon!)

Rove also calls Obama “arrogant,” and says of his own tenure, “Look, I did a lot of things wrong, but I’m not apologetic about what this administration has done.” Hey, neither are they! Also, there’s this exchange:

GQ: I get the sense you respect Hillary more than you respect Obama.

Rove: Off the record?

GQ: Please don’t go off the record.

Rove: Off the record… [Yeah, it’s good. Sorry.]

GQ: Damn! Now say that on the record.

Rove: No. Nope. Nope. Nope.


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