Karl Does Not Do Touchy Feely

DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY Lagerfeld (Photo: Getty Images)
We delved into Karl Lagerfeld‘s psyche a couple weeks back, dropping in for a screening of the new documentary Lagerfeld Confidential (remember the words to live by: “Pissing everywhere isn’t very Chanel!”). But we were left befuddled that Lagerfeld seemed to confess on screen to the film’s director, Rodolphe Marconi, that he had been sexually abused by both a man and a woman as a tyke in Germany.

During a sit-down interview Tuesday in Manhattan’s West Village, Marconi told Radar that asking the 74-year-old Lagerfeld about his sexuality was daunting in and of itself. Marconi spent two years following the designer, he says. “I was waiting for a good day to ask this question. You never know with him. It was a good day that day, when he said, ‘Go on, ask me, don’t be shy.’ But on another day he could have said, “Fuck you, turn off the camera.”

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