Timberlake’s FutureSexyLoveStuff

SEXYFRONT Timberlake (Photo: Getty Images)

Battle of the bulge: Like Sacha Baron Cohen before him, Justin Timberlake is stuffing his crotch in his upcoming movie The Love Guru.

Safety check: The Federal Aviation Administration is seeking a $10.2 million civil penalty against Southwest Airlines for flying busloads of passengers on “unsafe” flights with planes in violation of mandatory safety checks. Congressman James Oberstar calls it “one of the worst safety violations” he has ever seen.

Monster mash: As campaigning for the democratic presidential nomination grows ever more sweet and positive, Samantha Power, a top adviser to Barack Obama, calls Hillary Clinton “a monster.”

Pop goes the weasel: Copping a plea in an Orlando federal courtroom, former boy band mogul Lou Pearlman coldly owns up to hundreds of millions in fraud that underscored his late ’90s pop music success with Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. He’s facing a 25 years in prison at a May sentencing.

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