Judy Garland (Dead) Accompanied by the Boston Pops (Alive)


Attention friends of Dorothy: Judy’s back! In “Judy Garland in Concert,” technology brings us one step closer to the apocalypse by resurrecting The Wizard of Oz star and Liza Minnelli-birther to sing 27 of her biggest hits with… the Boston Pops.

The show blends original video of Garland with live accompaniment of the Pops’ 70 instruments, and at a technical rehearsal in Manhattan yesterday, there she was: all four-feet-eleven-inches of Judy, tip-toeing across three massive projection screens. Looking a bit like a bobblehead with doe eyes, tiny and frenetic, Judy shimmies around, flinging the mic cord over her shoulder and belting out tune after familiar tune. She sings, she dances, she cracks wise! Also, she’s dead! Remember when Celine Dion sang a duet with Elvis on American Idol? It’s kind of like that, only in 2D. Remember, also, how it made you intrigued, mesmerized, confused? It’s like that too.

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