Judith Regan Settles With News Corp


FIN: The timeless battle that was man-eating super publisher Judith Regan versus News Corp’s Outback overlord Rupert Murdoch has come to a very undisclosed, very anticlimactic end.

Okay then: Admittedly not-unfunny blogger John Mayer has retired from the game.

Dark chocolate: Hershey Co. is stopping production on new mints after police complain that the mints look too much like crack. Next up for the overworked squad: Pixie Stix.

TMI: Snarly Sly Stallone. Aged supermodel Janice Dickinson. Fisting. Discuss.

No fat chicks: In a move that would have opponents of Madrid’s skinny model ban cheering, a Quebec hospital fires a nurse for being too fat.

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