Things From England


Listen with mother: Christian Bale, cover star of the current British GQ, recalls a precious moment during the filming of Velvet Goldmine. “My mum came to stay with me in London during filming and said, ‘Listen why don’t you just try to do what rock stars did then, They weren’t up running on an orange at 6 AM. Their diet was sex, drugs and rock’n’roll.’ What a diet for a mother to prescribe, right?” Right.

Digital Hair Enhancement?: Some British tabloids claim that the dandy actor Jude Law, known for his good looks and romps with Sienna Miller, was endowed with a less receding widow’s peak in a series of recent Dior ads.

Stones change outfits: The Rolling Stones, legendary rockers, have departed from EMI, their old label, and shacked up with new buddy Universal. Insert your own “better health care policy” joke here.

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