Journalists Lie To Children About Journalism’s Future


Once a year, the advisory board of Notre Dame’s John W. Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy (composed entirely of alumni) get together to tell the undergraduates who are pursuing a five-course journalism minor (the school does not offer a major in journalism) that things are great. The four adjunct professors and program director that teach to the journalism minor are five men, including a retired editor of the Boston Globe and Don Wyciff, the former public editor of the Chicago Tribune who is now Notre Dame’s PR person. Notre Dame costs $49,030 a year—but like many schools, meets 100% of need of admitted students. Just don’t look through their recommended loans, which come at terms up to “Prime + 5.99%”! So this year, the advisory panel convened to talk to students about the job prospects for journalists (including the young journalists present who very well may have been accumulating tens of thousands of dollars of high-interest debt!) and they expressed great enthusiasm for the health of this industry!

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