The Vindicated Excerpts About Alex Rodriguez

GROUND RULE DOUBLE TEAM? A-Rod, Jose (Photo: Getty Images)

Vindicated, cheesy former MLB slugger Jose Canseco’s follow-up to his 2005 best-seller Juiced, doesn’t come out till next week, but Deadspin has already landed its grubby paws on the most controversial bits, wherein Canseco dishes about New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez’s alleged steroid use and attempts to sleep with Canseco’s wife.

The story isn’t exactly what you’d call rock solid. According to Canseco, the “skinny, talented” A-Rod came over to his Florida house for gym sessions in the late ’90s; the creepy comments about Canseco’s wife came almost immediately: “Man, your wife is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!” A-Rod eventually started visiting the Canseco household more frequently—”partly to work out, and party to stare at my wife,” notes Canseco—until one day A-Rod bluntly asks him, “The ‘roids: Do they fuck you up?”

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