‘Experienced’ McCain Out-Fogeys King

OLD-OFF McCain, King in an earlier interview

Last night’s Larry King Live featured some choice senior citizen moments—and for once they weren’t Larry King‘s. In his first interview since announcing his presidential candidacy, a sweater-clad John McCain worked hard to dispel the notion that, at 70, he’s too old to be commander in chief. Unfortunately, the Arizona senator then went on to repeatedly refer to Fred Thompson, the former Tennessee senator and current Law & Order star and Republican presidential hopeful, as “Frank Thompson.” (Of course, to King, they’re all “What’s-his-name.”)

CNN’s transcribers, apparently, cleaned up McCain’s quote for him.

Later, in a spirited segment on Rosie O’Donnell‘s retreat from The View, swinish faux-billionaire Donald Trump confided to King that Barbara Walters had quietly warned him not to “get into the mud with pigs” after his much-publicized spat with the voluble comedienne last December. (Walters has denied bad-mouthing O’Donnell to Trump, whom she afterward called a “poor, pathetic man.”)

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