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Really, John McCain?


Proof’s in the old-person pudding: The president of Georgia pressed John McCain to move “from words to deeds” concerning aid for the recent Russian attacks on his country. He would’ve sent an e-mail, but…

New places to wait on line: Best Buy will become the first store to sell iPhones outside of Apple and AT&T stores on September 7.

New York City rocks: The Cleveland-based Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is opening an annex in NYC. Sweet!

Off the radar: Sandy Allen, listed by the Guiness Book of World Records’ “tallest women” at over seven-feet seven-inches, died this morning in Shelbyville, Indiana, at the age of 53. Click through here to see her dwarfing a telephone booth, via the Indianapolis Star.

CNN “expands”: The network is opening bureaus in 10 American cities, but “redefining” existing jobs. All this as print slowly crawls toward the incinerator.

For you sickos: Like to see people in horrible, horrible pain? Check out these pictures of Hungarian weightlifter Janos Baranyai in the horrible, horrible process of dislocating his right elbow.