Who Wins If We War With Iran?


Would an attack on Iran before the presidential election benefit Barack Obama or John McCain? It’s a question we did not ask ourselves over the weekend, but might have had we read about President Bush’s furtive thumbs-up to Israeli officials who may be planning an assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

It’s quite possible that this report, the latest in a string of signs suggesting that serious attack preparations are underway, is no more than a desperate, Hail Mary ploy aimed at coercing Iran into abandoning their uranium enrichment program. Or, it could mean that we’re on the precipice of a devastating, world-altering conflict. So either way, it’s a win. But of those charming bastards running for president, who stands to gain the most if the metal really starts flying in Iran? Sadly, it’s not Mike Gravel. We’ll take a few guesses after the jump, based on some of the responses Iran is expected to consider in the aftermath of a military strike.

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