McCain’s Liking the Obama-as-Celebrity Line Just Fine, Thanks

And another one: The McCain campaign is playing up the Obama celeb angle again in a new advertisement. But this time, they replace Paris and Britney with Wayne and Garth.

Georgia, getting worse: And Russian Premier Vladmir Putin would like everyone to stay the hell out of his business.

Miller time: Sienna Miller and still-married beau Balthazar Getty went for lunch in Malibu. Propriety ruled the day, though, as Ms. Miller pleaded with paps not to ruin fellow diners meals with their flashbulbs.

Dyeing for politics: Meghan McCain, daughter of presumptive Republican nominee John McCain and author of a blog following the campaign trail, went to a ritzy L.A. salon to get her hair cut and colored with Heidi Montag. Gotta look fab for CSPAN, ya know?

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