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Simmons, Edwards: Downward-Facing Dawgs

YOGA BUDS Simmons, Edwards(Photo: Getty Images)

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons might have made a downward-facing dog out of John Edwards during a chichi yoga session in the Hamptons over the weekend, but at least he doesn’t count him as one of the “mice” scrambling for election in ’08.

“They’re all mice,” Simmons was overheard saying, backpeddled from his recent New York Times interview in which he referred to Barack Obama as a mouse. “They bow to their funders, and depending on who their supporters are, they are all weak—that’s why I like Edwards,” he said, adding his belief that Edwards and Obama don’t take the money from as many questionable political campaign contributors.

Hmm, Russell, does the name Norman Hsu ring a bell? What about Rupert Murdoch?