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Joe Simpson's Family Photo


By now, Joe Simpson‘s spot in the Pantheon of Creepy Dads is firmly established, just a few slots down from tennis dad Jim Pierce, but still several rooms shy of John Ramsey.

Between extolling the virtues of Jessica’s Double Ds, mismanaging every aspect of her career, and scooping the paparazzi with his own “exclusive” shots, however, we’d say he’s on track to overtake Bruce McMahan as early as next spring.

Take this week’s Life and Style, which features a number of still shots from Jessica’s new video, “I Belong to Me.” While Papa Simpson didn’t direct the thing (that dubious honor belongs to Matthew Rolston), he received a photo credit for the shots released through WireImage.

One photo in particular, first flagged on I’mNotObsessed.com, features Jessica supine on a bed, clad in a tousled white gown, her face suggesting post-coital bliss. You can almost picture dad greedily sifting through the negatives. Though we don’t suggest it.

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