Joe Francis: “Hugh Hefner is Too Poor to be Cavorting with Hot Chicks”


Girls Gone Wild founder and protector of the American Constitution Joe Francis is engaged in a bit of a catfight with rival softcore pornographer Hugh Hefner! First Francis went and made out with Kendra Wilkinson, one of the classy blonde ladies who for reasons we can’t quite fathom continues to dote on Hef, at a club in Miami. (Interested in becoming the next Kendra? Find out how to do so here!) Then Francis called old man Hef out for running Playboy into the ground, telling Page Six, “If you were Kendra and you looked at the Playboy stock price lately, wouldn’t you think about upgrading?” (Shares, $12 a year ago, are currently hovering at around at around $4. There are also reports of company-wide layoffs.)

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