Joe Francis: I’m Just Like Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, and Jesus

ST. JOE Francis

We weren’t sure Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis could actually say anything to further damage his already tattered reputation until we read Joel Stein’s jailhouse profile in April’s GQ. Stein starts the story with an anecdote from his first experience with Francis six years ago: apparently, Meatstick Joe and Stein were watching some girl stick a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade into her vagina on the GGW tour bus. At one point, the girl’s phone rings—it’s her boyfriend—so Francis answers it and decides to give the guy a play-by-play of exactly how his girlfriend is using a bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade as a makeshift sex toy. “That was fucking classic,” Francis says of the ordeal.

Things only get classier from there.

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