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Jockey Ads Are Ballsy

THIS IS NUTS Jockey ad

Not since your third grade teacher went to Bangkok as Mr. Wilson and came back Ms. Wilson have testicles been this misplaced in Thailand. Jockey underwear’s new ad campaign for its old line of tighty whities, designed in-country, shoves the idea of needing full-time support down your throat. Our favorite: the bungee jumper whose poor choice in manties led to the unfortunate but surprisingly common clinical condition of nuts on the forehead. The three-ad series (others are here and here) hopes to appeal to Thai adrenaline junkies nervous about their junk. ‘Cause you can’t go balls to the wall until your balls “stay put”—that is, they don’t slide to your ankle every time you do a roundhouse. You know, because they do in your Hanes.