Hendrix Porn Tape Purveyors Issue $100K Challenge


Sex, money, Hendrix: In a tricky turn, porn company Vivid issues a challenge to the Jimi Hendrix estate to prove its sex tape does not actually show two chicks teaming up on the real Hendrix. If the estate can, Vivid will pay $100,000. A fair price for continued publicity.

Obamassacre: Hillary Clinton may pledge to fight on, but when HuffPo and Drudge agree you’ve lost, it’s kind of a done deal.

Ryan Seacrest Live?: Conflicting sources within CNN alternately confirm and deny that Ryan Seacrest is in “serious negotiations” to take over Larry King Live, at year’s end. King’s a fan, though he has expressed concern that Seacrest doesn’t know politics—other than his keen understanding of the AbdulCowell peace accords.

Oh, snap!: In response to Star Jones‘ attempt to take a swipe at her, Barbara Walters refused to “dignify with a response,” Jones’ assertion that she is “publicly branding herself as an adulterer” in the name of selling her new book. Will no one learn that Walters is a comeback queen?

Twisted logic: The media is all wrong about Josef Fritzl the Austrian man accused of keeping his own daughter captive for 24 years in a secret dungeon, repeatedly raping her, and having seven children by her, says Josef Fritzl. His proof: “I could have killed them all, and no one would ever have known.”

First and dense: No, Chris Matthews, the 2008 Presidential election is nothing like a football game.

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