Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape as Real as You Need it to Be


This week, porn producer Vivid is shipping the Jimi Hendrix sex tape, which is likely about as real as the Marilyn Monroe sex tape, which is to say not real at all.

Yes, reports the New York Times, there’s a Hendrix-like guy and a couple of girls with pubic grooming schemes that invoke the spirit of ’69. Vivid says they’ve vetted the video—they and broker Howie Klein tell a rich tale of someone finding the reel labeled “black man” in a box of stuff sold at a memorabilia auction and recognizing the face of the man in the film as Hendrix. But attempts to authenticate it focus less on Hendrix’s face and more on little Jimi. Or, not so little Jimi, according to legend. Cynthia Plaster Caster, a reformed groupie who now makes her bones hawking plaster casts of rockstar junk, says it’s Hendrix’s yutz, but she was paid to comment in the DVD. Same deal with Pamela Des Barres, another famous groupie who backs up the Vivid claim.

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