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The Curse of Jim Cramer?


Shouty CNBC shouter Jim Cramer was uncharacteristically subdued this morning on The View while speaking in a non-shouting voice about his old Harvard Law School roommate Eliot Spitzer. Interestingly enough, Spitzer isn’t Cramer’s only high-profile buddy with a predilection for kinky sex. Seth Tobias, the former hedge fund manager and go-go boy aficionado who was found dead in his Jupiter Beach, Florida swimming pool, allegedly at the hands of his coke-snorting wife, actually got his first break on Wall Street processing trades for Cramer back when Bullhorn Jim was but a wee little portfolio manager. “I don’t understand why this hasn’t ended up on CSI: Miami yet,” Cramer said after learning of Tobias’ death. He added that he fully expects to see The Spitzer Diaries: Client #9 on Skinemax next month.