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Jill Greenberg A Little Sorry About Creepy McCain Pics


The editors of the Atlantic are pissed at Jill Greenberg, the monkey-loving photographer who shot John McCain for the mag’s October cover. It seems that Greenberg, an avowed Bush hater, deliberately shot McCain in bad lighting and declined to retouch the photos, leaving him looking pasty, saggy, and foldy (just like real life!). Atlantic editors managed to find a shot for their cover that doesn’t make McCain look like a horror film villain, but they’re still flippin’ mad. “We feel totally blind-sided. Her behavior is outrageous. Incredibly unprofessional,” Atlantic editor James Bennet said. He also told Fox News that the magazine won’t be paying Greenberg and is pursuing a potential lawsuit.

Robert Green, Greenberg’s husband/spokesperson, tells Radar that he knows nothing about a lawsuit, but adds that his wife has done nothing wrong. “She delivered them the photo that they asked her to deliver. What she does with the rest of the photos is her business,” he said.

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