The Jeremiads of Jeremiah: Obama’s Minister Speaks


Barack Obama has a problem, and his name is Jeremiah Wright. In the latest installment of Blame the Candidate for a Surrogate’s Remarks (previous episodes include Samantha Power: Monster and Geraldine Ferraro: Racist), Obama’s longtime reverend and his history of unseemly statements are causing some concern. Below, we’ve culled together Wright’s most controversial quotes, and despite one obvious exception (“God Damn America”), they don’t seem all that bad. Sure he can come across as harsh and blunt. Sometimes he can even seem anti-American, racist or anti-Semitic. But who doesn’t have a crazy uncle or brother or preacher who says wacky shit everyone once in a while? Doesn’t mean you agree with all the insane crap he says, just means he’s a loony bastard and you love him in spite of it.

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