The Very Expected, Very Aggravating Return of Aniston and Mayer


Annoying Reunited Couple Alert! John Mayer once again thinks Jennifer Aniston‘s body is a wonder—bah, you know what we’re getting at. He’s into nailing her again! And she him! Love tore them apart, and love has brought them back, heinously, together again. Not to be outdone by photos of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding in W. magazine, Aniston reunited with her sappy singer beau in Boston or New York (Page Six confirms they’re here NOW!) or L.A., depending on which tab you read.

The weekly warriors (well except for OK!, but do they truly count?) are in total agreement that on October 13, right when their issues were all a’closin’, Jen and John got all kissy-kissy an NYC airport before flying off to L.A. Everything else about the partners in publicity stunt’s reunion is up for grabs.

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