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Will Jenna Book Buck Dad on Women’s Health?


Book-writing presidential daughter Jenna Bush would have you think she’s filled with Bono-like compassion for the world’s poor. But does she care enough to stand up to her dad?

Jenna’s upcoming book, Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope, focuses on an orphaned teenage single mother with HIV, whom she encountered while working as a UNICEF intern in Central America. Bush tells USA Today the book will conclude with a “call to action,” but is vague about what that might entail. (The book will be out this fall.)

Her father, of course, has taken plenty of action that affects women like Ana. Most notably, he reinstated the so-called Global Gag Rule, which bars family planning agencies overseas from receiving any aid from the U.S. government if they provide abortions, or even information about abortions. Critics say the rule has blocked such agencies from dispensing condoms that might otherwise prevent new HIV infections (like Ana’s) and unplanned pregnancies (like Ana’s).

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