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Married To The GOP


Father of the bride: Jenna Bush and Henry Hager were married in Texas at sunset on Saturday. Jenna and dad George W. Bush danced to “You Are So Beautiful” and Lauren Bush‘s jew boyfriend, David “Son of Ralph” Lauren, did not crash.

First flight: Earlier today, Myanmar finally allowed a U.S. military flight to bring aid to cyclone survivors. The U.S. ambassador to Thailand says, “We offer our assistance without condition.” The junta thinks otherwise.

Office politics: With Golden Girls now long gone, John McCain‘s taken to setting his DVR for college crowd favorite The Office.

TMI: In her new biography, Cherie Blair, not-so-well-liked wife of Tony, says that her then Prime Minister hubby went public with her miscarriage just hours after it happened in 2002, so as to quell suspicion of an early invasion of Iraq. Cherie also shares more than you want to know about her contraception logistics.

OH THERE IS MOST CERTAINLY MORE: Dream team rumors denied; dream team rumors confirmed; and Madonna’s boobs!