Jared Kushner And His Proletariat


Former gossip columnist Lloyd Grove publishes a lengthy interview with New York Observer owner and billionaire real estate magnate Jared Kushner today. (I sort of work for Kushner.) It begins in his office at 666 Fifth Avenue, where Kushner has a framed first page of Tale of Two Cities. This is a funny choice! Like most newsrooms, the Observer‘s alternates between states of revolutionary rage and exhausted complacency. But Kushner had better watch his back right now! Between the implementation of last week’s new health insurance, which some editorial employees (Kushner says in the interview there are 50 of those!) found to be too expensive out of their pockets, and the lack of air conditioning in the office during this week’s brutal heat wave, well, someone might end up the subject of an uprising. (Or, you know, everyone just might go back to typing their stories.)

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