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Jamie Lynn Spears’ Good ‘Reaming’

BUSTED Spears, Aldridge (note ironic ‘Free Testing’ sign in background)

Life & Style has an exclusive it would like to share with you this week, and we’d like to salute its “insider” on a job well leaked. It seems sweet 16-year-old teen pregnancy poster girl Jamie Lynn Spears is grounded. Her offense: Going out in public with her BD Casey Aldridge—it’s the one rule mama Lynne insisted upon (“Don’t get double pregnant,” surprisingly, is not on the rule list). Whoops.

It’s the aforementioned “insider” who comes with the gold as he/she comments on just how much trouble Jamie Lynn’s in and how her mother is really just worried about her being typecast as “Pregnant Teen No. 1″ in Juno 2 or Knocked Up IV or American Pie: MILF Hunt. When Lynne got home to Kentwood and saw that Jamie Lynn was photographed out with Casey, the source says, “She totally reamed Jamie Lynn.” Please choose your bloggy quip from the following: A.) Isn’t that Casey’s job? B.) Isn’t a good reaming what got her in this predicament in the first place? C.) Wait, we thought she was anti-abortion. (Note: Choice ‘C’ could result in an express ticket to hell.)

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