Jam Is Over for Jay

OUT! Jay

Def-ection: Jay-Z is reportedly leaving Def Jam for a new business venture—a “super label” with Beyoncé. And he’s taking his artists with him.

Shock and awe: A charged D.C. madam outs Harlan K. Ullman, a military strategist who developed the military doctrine of “rapid dominance,” as the first of dozens of her regular high-profile clients.

Use it or lose it: A new study proves that students in abstinence programs are just as likely to have sex as those who are not. $176 million well spent.

Parting passage: The New York Times wins the award today for the most sexually awkward passage that simultaneously makes us conjure The Village People:

A plethora of new findings, however, suggest that the experience of desire may be … the sensation of already having been aroused by some sort of physical or subliminal stimulus—a brush on the back of the neck, say, or the sight of a ripe apple, or wearing a hard hat on a construction site and being surrounded by other men in similar haberdashery.

Photo: Getty Images

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